Our Advantages

1. Comprehensive strength and professional technology

We are the only one company working for the whole series of digital printers including digital flat-bed printer, t-shirt printer, nail printer, flower printer, candle printer, mug printer, golf ball printer, mobile printer and 3D printer.
Our company is also the only one comprehensive technology company in the world, involving in all the Independent research and development for electronic, machine, software and the ink.. With 10 years experience in production and researching for digital printer, we are honored to receive the 4 international patents in America, Japan, Australia and 20 Chinese patents. All of our products are approved by CE, ROHS, FCC.

2. The quality of the products

1) the core components for digital printer -------ink head, the key parts decided the printer’s quality and useful life. Our ink head is imported from Japan.

2) the printing stepping motor----the vertical printing precision (0.0001mm) is decided by the printing stepping motor imported from Japan

3) ink head motor----- The horizontal printing precision (0.0001mm) is decided by the ink head motor imported from Japan

4) The ink pump----easy to absorb the ink, it is imported from Japan.

Our printer's components are made in China and some of our spare parts are assembled in USA.
5) Our continuous ink supplies system: effectively prevent the nozzle clog

The biggest problem in digital printing field is the head stuck because the biggest aperture of the ink head is smaller than one pcs of hair, 0.01mm.the circuit board of our anti ink head jam system which adopt Germany new technology will automatically clean the ink head every 10 hours, you only need to connect the printer with power and the power consumption a day is 20W.

3. Services including sales and after sales

We own all the Independent research and development for electronic, machine, software and the ink, all of our products are improving day by day according to the requests from our customers.

We will share all the successful stories from our customer while you fully understand all details about our products.

Our professional after sales person will take care of you online or reply all of your questions in 24 hours.

4. Software

Our software team have self- developed and researched simple and sophisticated software through 10 years hard working. These software are promptly improving and updating day by day according to all of the feedback from our customers. We will provide you freely software upgrading service for all of our products.

5. Our Ink’ benefits

Our Independent development and research’s ink can directly print on nearly all of the materials without any pretreatment and after treatment. The color fastness degree can reach to the level of ornamentation. If you need higher color fastness, we will provide you the further solutions.


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