• Ceramic Printer Change the Ceramic Industry
    Ceramic printer is also called flatbed printer, a kind of high tech digital inkjet printing equipment. It can print colorful pattern directly on the surface of all the materials. The theory of ceramic printer is different with conventional screen printing. It is more like the theory of inkjet printer. It is said that the technology of inkjet technology turn the production of ceramic tiles from “copy” to “print”. In the ceramic industry, inkjet printing products is considered to be one of the most influential products, and some even believe that the ceramic industry is entering "the era of inkjet printing". But inkjet printing technology is not new.

    The ceramic printer features high print speed, and complete print process at one time, no matter it is a single color pattern, a full-color design or pattern with gradient color. When printing, there is no need of the process of plate, no need to copy and repeat chromatography. The printing effect is vivid and lifelike, the color is beautiful and the image is waterproof. The ceramic printer is easy to operate with stable performance, which can create a higher print quality than the traditional way.
    Ceramic printer has been widely spread recent years because ceramic tile walls became more and more popular in interior decoration. Many new houses were using it to decorate their walls. There are many reasons why it is popular. First, the effect of ceramic tile is of top grade, and there are abundant patterns and paving ways for customers to select according to their own preferences, such as the Chinese style, the European style and so on. 

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