• Why digital ceramic tile printer is the new trend in printing field

    As the most advanced printing tech, digital printing is more and more welcomed in the world. Because the printing image is flexible and the printing cost is low. This is a good investment for people who are in personality customization industry. Let’s take ceramic tile printing equipment for an example. Many people never hear about ceramic tile printing machine, because they do not think it exists in the world. So this is a new field in some countries so the competition is not fierce and you have a big profit room.
      Digital ceramic tile printer is mainly used to printing on ceramic tiles, so ceramic tile printing is much more welcomed. Digital ceramic tile printer can print any design, photos or words on ceramic tiles. Over thousand of default patterns to choose, over one million patterns can be added freely Color, size and direction of patterns can be adjusted.
      Qingdao unique is in this field for more than 10 years and now is the most advanced company in this filed. The newest tech is to print the eco solvent ink on the ceramic tiles. After printing, the ceramic tile is bright and you can use it in many fields like wedding ceramic tiles, festival ceramic tiles, gift ceramic tiles, birthday ceramic tiles, and Christmas ceramic tiles. 
      Qingdao Unique is the only company which starts ceramic tile printing with the digital printer. We have special websites for you to start this business. You can recommend your client to choose the picture and directly design on the ceramic tile to check the effect printing quality on your web and upload the picture to you then you supply the printing service. This is really a new idea. If you like welcome to join us and digital ceramic tile printing machine will help you make big profit.
      Here for the ceramic tile printer it can print any images you like on the ceramic tile. Please check the video link:

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