• Creative inkjet printing on tiles became the new darling of home decoration
    Several years ago, Spain, Italy and other developed countries in the ceramic industry has launched a tile inkjet technology, but inkjet printing technology in China started late. In the past two years, many domestic enterprises have gradually introduced ceramic inkjet technology, and inkjet printing on tiles sustained hot sell has attracted more and more brands to join. Then a bloom of inkjet was led on the market, the inkjet porcelain painting, wood blocks and other products are hitting the market.
    Inkjet technology - the third revolution of tiles printing
    Before the ink-jet printing technology appears, tile color commonly used screen printing and roller printing. The first generation of screen printing technology is flat print, which can not realize the uneven surface tiles printing, so it is difficult to achieve the effect of multi-surface, and 3d effect. Compared with the roll printing and screen printing, the breakthrough of inkjet printing lie in its ability of printing on uneven surface, so the surface is rich in layers, and feel closer to the natural level. The third generation of inkjet technology will break the limitations of traditional printing technology, provides a significant printing results which never appear before. Inkjet printing technology works similar to an inkjet printer, such as the tiles printer, what pattern you input, what pattern you get. The color pattern of tiles can be omnipotent.
    Inkjet printing on tiles allow more personalized home decor
    The application of Inkjet technology in the field of ceramics could be regard as major revolution in the ceramic industry, inkjet technology can not only draw any pattern on a flat surface, but also on uneven surfaces, to instantly enrich the colors and manifestation of the tiles. With the popularity of inkjet technology, wood tiles and other products are increasingly lifelike, thus to become the new darling of the market at present. In Italy and Spain, the world's leading ceramics exhibition, ink-jet printing technology set off a trend of innovation in ceramic tiles industry.
    In simple terms, inkjet technology can print any tile pattern, for example personally shoot landscapes, world famous paintings, family portraits, wedding photos and everything you can imagine. These inkjet printing on tiles will be framed as a corrosion-preventive and fadeless maverick painting. With these patterns printed on large format tiles as wall backdrop, it also has unlimited style and personality.
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